Celebrating 100 years of the AWO

Celebrating 100 years of the AWO on November 8th 2019 in the Karlsruhe Schwarzwaldhalle alongside the Baden AWO was a huge event in so many aspects. The show “100 years of AWO in 100 minutes”, was written and directed by founder Günter Knappe, telling the story of the AWO through the eyes of its founder Marie Juchazc. Actors Erik Rastetter and Cynthia Popa emanated the main characters of the story whilst the ensemble; Patricia Kessler, Silvie Faszlija, Jörg Bruckschen, joined by an AWO youth team, led by musical director Michael Postweiler, delivered hits from the past 100 years.

Among the guest speakers integrated into the show were Minister of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, Manne Lucha, and the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup.

Knappe1a und Partner were responsible for the entire event as on behalf of the AWO. Led by agency head Evelyn Knappe and her team the event was produced to the highest standard with partners Hinte Marketing und Media (HMM), Crystal Sound, RES EBERT, technical director Thomas Saur, and creative director Daniel Freytag providing direction and visuals.