Moments 2020 - it has been a challenging but successfull year

When we invited you to join our agency in January 2020, COVID 19 was just a side note in the international headline jungle. We had started 2020 hopeful and with a lot planned for each other. We exchanged ideas, made plans and launched projects off the ground. Then came the virus which took over the direction of our actions. That was, and is, a difficult reality to accept for creative minds used to designing and directing themselves.

So what should we do? Nothing? Wait and see? Hope that the pandemic will pass quickly? - Those who know "Die Knappes" know: that is definitely not who we are!

2020 became a year of invention and discovery for us, and of new solutions and foundations. This is what agency head Evelyn Knappe's investment in Liveline Connect GmbH (LLC) stands for. This successful startup (, whose tagline is "creating digital values”, was implemented specifically at digital conferences and trade fairs utilising our software solutions developed by partner Daniel Freytag and his team. National, but also international customers such as BernExpo now rely on LLC to carry out digital trade fairs and expositions during these restricted and limited times and will continue to do so in a post-pandemic world.

It is not enough to implement ways of adapting to the pandemic limitations by simply switching the live stage for a digital one, many have done that. Reinventing yourself is far more complex and insightful. We cannot simply replace real life with a digital one as has been dramatically accelerated since March 2020. The digital world does not simply consist of live streaming platforms such as Zoom, Webex, amongst many others, which are excellent technical solutions but do not have the capacity to convey a production as you would find in live theatres or face-to-face. Millions around the globe have felt this lack since the stages were closed. Our task became to transfer the strength and effectivity of such artistic variety and provide a digitalised future for it, COVID-19 or no COVID-19. See our productions of "What a wonderful world" or "Don't worry be happy" (directed by Günter Knappe) which serve torepresent this special year of adaptation and reinvention.

What we carry with us from 2020 into this fresh New Year is that there is an unquenched longing among customers and friends alike for human closeness, encounters, feelings that one wants to be allowed to show - without endangering the health of fellow human beings. Simultaneously comes the realisation that digital sophistication is an important, imperative part of our professional communication - both personal and corporate. This developmentwill remain as a positive as it will be all the more important to reach people not only during the pandemic, but also afterwards - uniquely in the digital world as well as personally in the real world.

The Knappe1a team has always stood for something special, and this year we look forward to continuing to provide you with a distinctive, communicative business card for your customers and partners.

Find here on this website a few snapshots from our 2020!