Webinars: Emergency online teaching course with Prof. Dr. Dr. Bohnenkamp

Due to the social distancing limitations set to help contain the coronavirus, teaching from educational facilities faces the new challenge of overcoming the crisis digitally. The necessary hardware and software are available but logistically how does this work?
Currently many teachers are facing this question alone attempting to implement such digital teaching formats for the first time. Thankfully there are solutions, Knappe1a & Partner are here for you! Our teaching, didactics and IT development experts, alongside Prof. Björn Bohnenkamp, introduce you to the world of e-teaching in a five-part webinar series. The emergency “online teaching” package, for schools as well as universities, contains everything you need to know on how to offer courses online. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. Each webinar lasts for 60 minutes with 45 minutes of information followed by a 15 minutes Q&A session. The maximum number of participants is 20.
Prof. Björn Bohnenkamp, Professor of Marketing, Media and Consumer Culture at the Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe, will cover the following four topics:

  1. Which is the most suitable platform for you and what you’ll need to commence teaching.
  2. Teaching materials, interaction, testing and feedback using Moodle.
  3. Live online teaching: an outline of the basic functions and didactic methods of video teaching using Microsoft Teams.
  4. Seminars, tutorials, interactive courses: tips, tricks and tools for teacher-pupil engagement.

After one week each participant will have acquired the necessary tools for designing specified online courses. Fourteen days later we offer a feedback session whereby experiences and questions can be exchanged and answered.
The first course week will begin on April 27th, the second week on May 4th. All courses are offered in the evenings so that attendance can be coordinated with professional obligations.
The cost for the five webinars, including video documentation and feedback, is €295 per person. However if five or more participants register from the same facility the price is reduced to 195€ per person.
Please register via email with Luca Wernert, Kanppe1a & Partner, at lw@knappe1a.de.
If you require a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer individual coaching.