Our experienced team of lecturers, speakers and coaches including Dominika Szope, Professor Björn Bohnenkamp, Evelyn Kanppe and Günter Knappe, each excelling in their individual field or expertise, work harmoniously alongside each client accompanying them in redesigning, altering and developing company processes.

We work on an interactive basis ensuring that a personal relationship and partnership is at the helm of all decision-making; trust and discretion being an integral part of our ethos. We support executives in their communications procedures and appearances whether in public, in the media or within the company.

Alongside employees we develop, design and implement the transformation of digital procedures within companies. We are frontrunners in coaching communications, leadership guidance, personal representation and impact.

Digital transformation processes

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern businesses in order to assert themselves effectively in today’s market. The pressure of rapid and consistent change requires swift technological adaptation in order to stay ahead of the game. Consequently, such change often neglects the people within a company or organisation, thus leading to lack of understanding and motivation, invoking tension and a decline in quality of productivity.

We support companies and organisations during these shifts and assist in the implementation of long-term solutions as well as helping to repair any existing ‘damage’ to the smooth running of the business.


We are here to be a guiding principle in “digital sustainability” whereby we inform on how to healthily develop within the market in the face of ever faster technological developments. We guide employees along the path of rapid change, taking care to preserve resources and prevent any unnecessary negative impacts on the company as a whole.


Our lengthy experience and aptitude within our specialist fields is what attracts most of our clients, as well as the smooth running of our processes and attention to detail in our implementation of projects.